Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Naughty Puppy | PUPPY SONG | kids song | kds nursery song | kids club so...

This is a pre-school song about a Puppy, 'The Naughty Puppy'. This song is being furnished with the activities, likes & dislikes of a #NaughtyPuppy. This song has formulated in such a way to fetch entertainment as well as knowledge into the hands of children. Since this song has the pattern of a loop song, it will help to emphasise the lyrics and grasp the song with ease. Thus this loop song & it's activities shall grab their attention through its rhythm and will reinforce to their deepest memories. Kids shall sing this 'Naughty Puppy Song' in Schools, Family get together & others group singing occasions. The essence, rhythm & density of music can help to boost the musical sense & rhythmic notions. Show the programs in #Kidsclubrhymes consistently to your children. All of these programs, can encourage them in a vast variety of ways. We are also requesting your kind support to continue our new creative programs & projects, subscribe & support us. Don't forget to leave your precious comments & suggestions; if you are impressed give a like.

#Kids Club Rhymes is an #Edutainmentchannel. The #Rhymes and songs in this channel are created in such a way to teach children about #healthythoughts & habits, #fruitfulhobbies, better lifestyle, nature & health, #fruits&vegetables, decorum, personality & other derivations of life. These songs & Rhymes in #KidsClub are so simple that any child can sing with ease and could participate in competitions also. Since Our creations are Unique and simple, it will bring a new breeze for the audience.

Other categories of songs which we said in the commencement (for healthy thoughts & habits, fruitful hobbies, good lifestyle, nature & health, fruits and vegetables, decorum, personality, tongue twister songs, smash songs, etc.) have created for kids #fromPreschool to the 3rd. All these songs have inbuilt with #uniquecomposition songs & #popularrhymes have created according to our paradigm. 

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